• Team Trading – Strategies’ portfolios of multiple developers

¿What is it?

Team Trading represents an investment with an absolute return, seeks for a profitability goal, consistent over time and with a range of volatility determined in advance. The results of this investment model do not correlate with any particular market. The investment is carried out in over 40 different derivatives' markets.

The best results are obtained in periods of high volatility and bearish markets so it is ideal to balance portfolios based on conventional investment methodologies.

How does it work?

To invest using the Team Trading service it is necessary to create a Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager will design a customized investment model using automatic trading strategies that are available in Team Trading. You don't have to develop your own strategies. To create your customized investment model, you must specify the capital you want to invest and the level of risk you want to assume to your new Portfolio Manager.

Once created, your Portfolio Manager will show a summary of the expected future results, the performance comparison charts and other interesting statistical variables.

Finally, if you want to activate your Autotrading Portfolio Manager, it will carry out the entire investment process for you:

It will change your portfolio strategies on daily basis, in order to incorporate new algorithms added to the Team Trading community.

It will send orders to different markets and maintain appropriate open positions, according to the indications of the portfolios' strategies.

The complete Autotrading process is supervised by our staff, so you don't have to worry about anything. Once the Portfolio Manager is activated, you can stop at any time, although we would advise you to keep it active indefinitely, stopping it only when you want to change the invested capital or the level of risk.

Learn the way Autotrading works

01. Accuracy

Accuracy in the volatility control and the assumed risk.

03. Completely automated trading

You only you have to establish the capital you want to invest and the risk you want to assume; the rest will be performed by Team Trading.

05. Validation

The strategies and correlations are validated using the walk forward test.

02. Hundreds of strategies

Team Trading has hundreds of strategies developed by different programmers.

04. Exclusive technology

It includes a unique technology which combines strategies to create efficient and diversified portfolios.

06. Deducted costs

In the theoretical results all the costs are deducted: strategy development, autotrading, execution and settlement commissions etc.

I am the strategies' developer. How I can add my strategies to Team Trading?

01. Strategies optimization

If you have automatic strategies programmed in Visual Chart 6, you have to optimize your strategy on a symbol that works properly and, in the walk forward test, obtain a Sharpe ratio greater than 0.7.

02. Sell strategy

Once the strategy's optimization is over, you can sell it to make it available in the Team Trading community.

03. Automatic Portfolio Manager

If your strategy passes the exhaustive mathematical validation process, carried out by Visual Chart Group, then it will be available in order to be selected by the Automatic Portfolio Manager.

04. 1 € per executed contract

Once available in Team Trading, you will obtain 1 euro per each contract executed by your strategy in any of the autotrading portfolios that are trading.