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  • You are using the information solely for the purpose of carrying out your own investment activities and not for the purpose of carrying out trade or business activities.
  • You are receiving the information in the specified location, via the identified computer, and you are not providing information to any other person.
  • You are not a broker-dealer, registered representative, financial advisor, futures commissions sales executive, stocks introducing broker, or stocks business advisor, a member of the Stock Exchange or Securities Association or member of the Futures Exchange, or the owner or partner of the above, or associated person.
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Ultimate Lite
34,95€ 24,95€
Visual Chart Professional
The professional traders platform
Visual Chart Java
The perfect option for MAC users
Visual Chart APP
Anywhere aware of your investment
Market Monitor
Informed of the main financial news
Team Trading
The most exclusive autotrading technology for you
The VCG news, FOREX and international indices real time data are included at no cost with the subscription of your platform. Thus you will be able to access the delayed information of all the markets.
Markets Cost € Fee €
Madrid SE Level 10P10 positions 39,95€ 16,00€
Madrid SE Level IWithout positions 19,95€ 3,50€
Madrid SE Level I Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
Madrid SE Level I Plus1 position 19,95€ 3,50€
Madrid SE Level II5 positions 39,95€ 15,00€
Madrid SE Level II Plus20 positions 39,95€ 62,00€
MEFF RV Level I1 position 19,95€ 2,00€
MEFF RV Level I Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
MEFF RV Level II20 positions 39,95€ 3,00€
Indices BME1 position 0,00€ 1,50€
Indices BME Delay1 position 0,00€ 0,00€
Markets Cost € Fee €
Eurex Core Level I - Private Investor1 position 19,95€ 4,90€
Eurex Core Level II - Private Investor15 positions 39,95€ 10,90€
Eurex Level I Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
Deutsche-Boerse Indices1 position 0,00€ 1,00€
Deutsche-Boerse Indices DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 0,00€
DJ STOXX INDICESWithout positions 0,00€ 2,00€
DJ STOXX INDICES DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 0,00€
Markets Cost € Fee €
Euronext DRV Level I1 position 19,95€ 1,80€
Euronext DRV Level I Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
Euronext DRV Level II20 positions 39,95€ 36,60€
Euronext All IndicesWithout positions 0,00€ 1,80€
Euronext All Indices DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 0,00€
Markets Cost € Fee €
CBOT Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
CBOT-Mini Level I Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
CME Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
CME-Mini Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
Mini - NYMEX Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
NYMEX Delay1 position 4,95€ 0,00€
Dow Jones IndicesWithout positions 0,00€ 1,50€
Dow Jones Indices DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 1,00€
S&P Indices1 position 0,00€ 3,50€
S&P Indices Complete1 position 0,00€ 4,50€
S&P Indices Complete DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 3,50€
S&P Indices DelayWithout positions 0,00€ 2,50€
Analysis services
Name Cost €
Ágora 18,00€
Audio Mercados 14,99€
Ágora 9,00€
Zona Value Noruega 6,00€
Zona Value Holanda 6,00€
Zona Value Reino Unido 6,00€
Zona Value Suiza 6,00€
Zona Value Suecia 6,00€
Zona Value Canadá 6,00€
Zona Value Bélgica 6,00€
Zona Value Austria 6,00€
Zona Value Grecia 6,00€
Zona Value Estados Unidos 6,00€
Zona Value Euro 0,00€
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- We remind you that the minimum billing period of any market is a month, starting on your billing date. In case of bank return we will make an additional charge of 10,44 €.
- The tax rate will depend on the type of client and country of residence.
Individual Spanish tax rate Tax rate of the country of residence Exempt
Business Spanish tax rate Exempt (intra European Community trader) Exempt