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The market most advanced algorithmic trading platform

Team Trading is based upon collaboration. The programmers contribute with their automatic strategies and receive a reward. The investors have at their disposal the Autotrading services, including an automatic portfolio manager able to create investment models based on the risk they are willing to asssume.

Algorithmic trading platform Team Trading

Decide how to work with Team Trading

As investor

The Autotrading service offers you a tool to create portfolios of mathematical algorithms, adapted to your risk profile, which will include the appropriate strategies for your investment. You can invest using your own strategies or those of the rest of the Team Trading investment community.

Quickly and easily, with a single click, this tool will activate the service and will start trading on the most important derivatives markets in the world.

As strategy developer

The Team Trading platform offers you the opportunity to sell your strategies. You only need to carry out a process for statistic validation and if the strategy meets the requirements set in advance, you can include it in the platform.

The portfolio creation tool will include your strategy to implement the Autotrading process, as long as the risk requirements pre-established by the investor are fulfilled.

Strategies optimization

You can optimize your strategies in dozens of symbols simultaneously. For this purpose, in addition to the calculating power of your computer, we can provide as much processing power as needed. You can use hundreds of processors to optimize your strategy instantaneously; without limits, without complications. The new strategy optimizer is also in the cloud, so you can close and open Visual Chart and all optimizations will be at the point where you left them.

Optimize your strategies on dozens of symbols simultaneously

Chronos Inside

To properly set the risk in the strategies development, Visual Chart has designed a results validation system called Chronos Inside. With this technology the strategies are optimized in one part of historical data (optimization area) and tested in a different historical section (validation area). The statistical data displayed is obtained in the validation area. Chronos Inside gets the best possible performance of the historical data available and provides more reliable results than traditional systems. It also makes future projections with higher degree of certainty that any other market optimizer.

Obtain the highest profit with the historical data available

Team Trading

A portfolio strategy is built to maximize the ratio between the profit and the risk assumed. This is achieved by considering rules that force a diversification of markets and strategies on the same market. The intention is that the portfolio is composed of elements that perform well separately, but they are as different as possible from each other. As this target is achieved, a diversification increases the size of the portfolio without a corresponding risk increase.

With Team Trading, we are changing the classical way the wealth managers work. The tools available on the market are usually able to assess the risk of a given portfolio. With Team Trading we are doing the opposite: the user of the platform sets the risk he is ready to assume and the portfolio creation tool creates a portfolio exclusively designed for such a level of risk.

Team Trading is able to build investment models based on automatic trading strategies seeking the maximum decorrelation of its elements. To control the risk at this stage, it is verified that the degree of the strategies' decorrelation is right and it will be the same in the future.

For proper creation of the portfolios, Team Trading has been designed with unique algorithms for strategies' selection, for parameters' validation and for risk verification. These algorithms allow us to provide greater benefits for both the investor and the strategy developer.

Once created, your portfolio of automatic strategies will show a summary of the expected future results, performance comparison charts and other statistical variables.

Trading Box will create a portfolio exclusively designed for you


Team Trading can perform all the investment process on all the markets in an autonomous way.

Its features include the initial position at the beginning of the investment, the renewal of the trading strategies portfolio, the management of the derivatives contracts change when they expire, etc.

With this autonomous process, supervised by specialists, we remove the human risk from the trading and the psychological factor of decision-making.

A portfolio created in Team Trading can include thousands of strategies trading simultaneously on many different markets. Therefore, it is an investment model that requires a very advanced technological infrastructure. The Team Trading platform is backed by the Visual Chart wide experience in the massive process of financial information. You can activate the Autotrading feature of your portfolio with a single click. It will carry on all the investment process for you.

Investment process on different markets in an autonomous way