• Real time trading platform for profesional traders
Visual Chart provide all the tools required to analyze financial markets information and put to work your trading ideas in a customized way.

Follow the market evolution

Visualize the information of the markets your way: advanced charts, customize quote´lists, DOM windows, financial news, etc.

Visual Chart, the tool of the professional traders.
Real Time and end of day information
Quote´s list
Advanced chart builder
DOM window
All your work in the cloud
Multitask and 64 bits

Find new investment opportunities

Find new investment opportunities with numerous tools for chart analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, included in the platform without any additional cost.

Free tools for technical, chartist and fundamental analysis in Visual Chart
Chart analysis
Technical analysis
Fundamental analysis

Fill your orders

Work as a professional trader with the advanced orders and trade agilely buying and selling from the chart, DOM window or quote´list. Be the first to reach the market sending the order with the fast keys or simply use Visual Chart market simulator to train.

Trade with advanced orders from charts, quotes' lists or depth of market in Visual Chart
Trading with the ticket form
Parked orders
Automatic trading strategies
Trading from the chart
Trading from the DOM
Trading from the bid/ask viewfinder
Monitor your positions and control the risk in real time

Monitor your opened positions

Visual Chart offers shows you the most relevant information of your position in the financial markets so you are able to control the risk in real time.

Broker access

Expand your possibilities

Invest has you never did before with the most advanced algorythmic trading platform in the market, Team Trading.

Accede to hundreds of trading strategies, included in the program for free, or develop a customized solution adjusted to your way of work.

Evaluate the efficiency of your strategies analyzing the statistical data and comparing them graphically.

Invest with the most advances algorithmic trading platform in the market
Team Trading
Automatic trading strategies programming
Statistics of the automatic trading strategies
Trading Tools